October 22, 2021

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Gals of color who succeeded in FBI, Navy, law enforcement pressure

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A Puerto Rican FBI agent, who is thought to be the very first Black girl to be picked to prepare for a bureau’s SWAT team, has broken more than a person barrier for small ladies about the nation.

According to a FBI news launch, the agent, Tia, whose previous title the agency is withholding, is undergoing an intensive 10-week system where she will apply SWAT staff functions with other selectees. 

If she passes, she will come to be a probationary member of the San Juan Division’s SWAT team.

“I’m not the major human being. I’m not as sturdy as some of these fellas. But as extended as you have perseverance – simply because it does get truly challenging – you push by way of it and maintain going,” Tia stated in the news release.

An FBI agent from Puerto Rico is believed to be the first Black woman to be selected to train for the bureau's SWAT team.

Tia’s tale is just a single one of a kind moment of how women of color have broken limitations in law enforcement and the armed service.

Shanti Sethi

At the close of February, Capt. Shanti Sethi was interviewed to be the Senior Navy Navy Advisor to the Secretary of Navy, a position she recognized.

But, Sethi has had several prior successes as a member of the Navy, which include staying the first Indian American and 15th feminine to command a big U.S. Navy combat warship.