October 26, 2021

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Few Florida law enforcement agencies update the FBI’s use-of-force database

Just 90 of the at least 387 law enforcement agencies in Florida, less than one in four, are submitting their data to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national database on police use of force. The state is lagging behind the rest of the country, with over 50% of all police agencies participating, according to the FBI. 

FBI data published last year shows just 73 agencies in Florida participating, but that number will be updated to 90, the agency confirmed. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement provided FLORIDA TODAY with the most recent listing of agencies that participated in 2020 which is due to be published by the FBI this summer.  

The stakes are significant: in the face of growing demands for police accountability, data is increasingly important to understanding how widespread use of force by law enforcement agencies across the country.